Monday, February 23, 2015

Take Ten

Top Ten Favorite Fictional Heroines
1. Lucy Pevenise from Narnia

Lucy has been on my list of favorites since I was a little girl.
2. Jo March from Little Women

I wanted to write stories just like her, when I was a kid.;)
3. Emma Woodhouse

Okay, yes she is spoiled and meddlesome, but her heart is in the right place! I love how her character develops as she learns to accept that she isn't always right.;)
4.Lizzy Bennet

Lizzy is just so spunky! (For some reason, I just adore that cover!)
5. Hermoine Granger

6. Lady Merry

7. Emma Smallwood


9. Abigail Pressman

10 Samantha Moore


  1. Fantastic list, Amanda - love Lucy, Emma, Elizabeth and of course, Samantha. All are fabulous. :)

    1. Thank you!
      Did you see that Katherine Reay has another title in the works? I can't to see what it is about!

  2. You have some great heroines listed!
    Definitely Lucy from Narnia. Gotta love her!