Monday, February 2, 2015

Take Ten

Top Ten Christian Fiction books I can't believe I haven't read


I have heard a lot of great things about this author, and yet haven't made it to reading one of her books through, since something always comes up! I must remedy this.;)

2. The New Recruit

I love her Safe Lands series, so I need to try some of her other books!

3. On the Loose

I blame the library for not finishing this series. They don't have the rest of it.:P

4. The Big Picture

5. Exiles

This one is on my list of TBR sometime soon.

6. Bridge to Haven

7. In the Field of Grace

This one is even on my Kindle. I need to remedy this.;)

8.Larkspur Cove

How did I start in the middle of this series?

9.Blue Moon Bay

10. The Giftsnatcher

This is another one on my Kindle that I need to read as soon as the stack of books to review goes down. It looks incredible!


  1. I don't read Christian fiction often, but these books certainly have gorgeous covers that are intriguing me! I hope you enjoy these books when you get around to reading them. My TTT

    1. Thanks for your comment!
      Aren't some of them just gorgeous? I am loving the updated coverts to the Jenny B. Jones series! I highly recommend her, since she is hilarious.;)

  2. Don't read christian fic that much but those books look amazing.great list by the way.
    My Top Ten Tuesday!

  3. I just started reading Christian fiction about a year ago. So I too haven't read any of these titles. I will have to add them to my TBR list as well. I love the cover of Bridge to Haven!
    Heres the link to my Top 10 Tuesday:

    1. I'm glad I was able to add to your list!
      A couple more to add would be "Paper Hearts" by Courtney Walsh and "The Dandelion Field". They are 2 that I have finished this year and adored!
      Thanks for stopping by! Comments make my day.;)

  4. Yay for Jenny B. Jones and Charity Bishop. Hope you enjoy both - and the rest of your list! :)

    1. I'm sure I will! I can't wait to get caught up on reviews, so I can pick what I want to read, without a deadline.;) Not that I'm not enjoying the books I have to review...;)

  5. These all look great!
    I have not taken the time to read them, either.
    However, the only one I have is `Heartless`

    1. How did you like Heartless? Have you read the other books in her series?
      Thanks for stopping in, Michelle! I always enjoy seeing your lists.:)