Saturday, May 11, 2013

Into the Whirlwind

Mollie Knox loves her predictable life as the owner and accountant of the 57th Illinois Watch Company. She feels like her life is fulfilled in doing bookwork and providing jobs for her father's Civil War buddies who were left without work after various injuries. When Zach Kazmarek waltzes in with an offer to buy the watch company for more money than Mollie thought possible, her lawyer can't help but be a bit suspicious.
When the great Chicago fire of 1871 strikes, nothing is left the same.
Most of us have heard about the Chicago fire (think back to the campfire song about Mrs. O'Leery's cow starting the fire, which is a sad rumor that turned the real Mrs. O'Leery into a recluse), but this book filled in more of the details that you never think to ask. It was amazing to read just how many people were misplaced due to the devastating fire and how they lived in the months following the fire. Also, something I found interesting with owning a small business, it was fascinating to read what happened to business' and local insurance companies when the fire destroyed most companies. This novel is a fabulous tale of interesting facts told through a fictitious character. Once I got over being kind of annoyed with Mollie's attitude after the fire, I fell in love with the story! Another winner by Elizabeth Camden.
*I was given a review copy in exchange for my unbiased opinion.

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