Friday, May 31, 2013

Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales

Landon Reed is a ex-con who found faith while in prison and ha decided to help others out in similar situations to his by becoming a criminal defense lawyer. If only he can get the chance to prove that he has had a change of heart.
Pounding the pavement for a law firm that will accept him, he finally gets a chance to work for Harry McNaughton, one of the partners at McNaughton and Clay, a notorious criminal defense law firm in the area. Harry is more than willing to give people a chance and puts Landon right to work learning the ropes.
When his mentor winds up dead shortly after Landon starts working for the firm, the remaining partners are left wondering if it was a random crime or has to do with one of their cases. As two more lawyers at the firm perish in a plane crash, Landon and the remaining lawyer are left to put the pieces together and see if they can figure out the mystery before the murderer takes out the rest of McNaughton and Clay.
While I enjoyed the mystery side of the story, and the overall theme of redemption that the story has, I have to say that I am not a fan of how marriage was treated. Marriage really isn't put in a positive light throughout the story. I know that marriage it hard, but it would of been nice to have one of the marriages in this story not deal with affair, mistrust, or dysfunction. To me, it seemed like marriage wasn't viewed as a covenant. It wasn't much different from a secular novel.
The mystery side of things was interesting, and the law side of the story managed to be informative without bogging down the story to much.
If you are a fan of legal mysteries, then check out Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales!


  1. This book sounds intriguing, thanks for the review. It is frustrating when Christian works of fiction portray something so holy as covenant marriage in such a cheap light.

  2. It is frustrating! I really wanted to like this book too.:P