Monday, December 19, 2022

The Sisters of Sea View


Some guests have come for a holiday, others for hidden reasons of their own . . .

When their father's death leaves them impoverished, Sarah Summers and her genteel sisters fear they will be forced to sell the house and separate to earn livelihoods as governesses or companions. Determined to stay together, Sarah convinces them to open their seaside home to guests to make ends meet and provide for their ailing mother. Instead of the elderly invalids they expect to receive, however, they find themselves hosting eligible gentlemen. Sarah is soon torn between a growing attraction to a mysterious Scottish widower and duty to her family.

Viola Summers wears a veil to cover her scar. When forced to choose between helping in her family's new guest house and earning money to hire a maid to do her share, she chooses the latter. She reluctantly agrees to read to some of Sidmouth's many invalids, preferring the company of a few elders with failing eyesight to the fashionable guests staying in their home. But when her first client turns out to be a wounded officer in his thirties, Viola soon wishes she had chosen differently. Her new situation exposes her scars--both visible and those hidden deep within--and her cloistered heart will never be the same.

Join the Summers sisters on the Devonshire coast, where they discover the power of friendship, loyalty, love, and new beginnings.

My thoughts: The Sisters of Sea View is a wonderful start to a new series by Julie Klassen. I love how it told from each of the sisters view points as they figure out how to run a guest house by the sea. I could especially relate to Sarah, as she takes on the responsibility of the bookwork and baking, worrying about making ends meet and helping her mother to regain some strength. Each of the sisters are lovely, with their different strengths and insecurities. I love how Viola introduces us to how difficult it was to have a cleft pallet back then, and how she grows as a character when she is forced out of her comfort zone. 

There is a bit of resolution, with one of the sisters finding happiness outside of Sea View, but it is set up for sequels. I look forward to the next book! 

I received this book from the publisher. This is my honest review.

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