Wednesday, December 8, 2021

A Picture of Christmas


Rhett Bradley’s home for the holidays, but it’s not by choice. Faced with a potential backward step at his company in Seattle, he’s forced to take time off, but somehow being back in Winter, Montana isn’t the dead end he was expecting.

Olive Fitzsimons has a secret email friend who’s made her new job at the mayor’s office bearable. Still, putting her true passions aside for the political hubbub in Winter hasn’t been a step in the right direction for her. Sure, she can make her rent payments, but is she happy?

As Rhett and Olive continue to run into each other in the small town amid holiday festivals and sparkling Christmas lights, their once fiery opposition starts to settle into something more. But Olive’s interest in her email friend has grown into a crush and Rhett will be leaving Winter in in the New Year, won’t he?

Join the familiar cast of characters in Winter, Montana as the community joins together in the spirit of Christmas where hearts soften and a kiss between opposites is the perfect holiday miracle.

My thoughts: I was looking forward to reading this book, since I have not had the pleasure of reading Bell Renshaw's books before, even though she has been on my radar and wishlist for a while! I enjoyed the small town feel to this story and getting to know the characters. While I don't always think to pick up holiday themed stories, I have been all about them this year! This one rated one of my favorites! The characters are a true delight and I look forward to going back and reading the other books in the series. 

I received this book from Just Read. This is my honest review.

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