Friday, October 15, 2021

Letters from the Dragon's Son


A father…
A son…
and the dragon they became.

One head: Malevolent, attired in barbs and spines, took pleasure in decimating the forested village.

Avery, formerly White Boar, wanders the forests seeking forgiveness from the people he sold into slavery, but is repentance payment enough?

Righteous, with two horns on each side, tried to calm the evil one’s violent ambition.

More servant than son, Jonathan Gudwyne, had been powerless to stop his father from taking the Men of the Forest into captivity. As a man, White Wolf reverses the damage he and his father caused by returning the Natives home. Jonathan gains honor and worship, but what does he do with the remains of his past? Justice has yet to be served to the dragon. Should Jonathan be the one who administers the sentence to his wandering father? To himself?

The two heads formed Brinsop, whose iron talons wrought chaos….

Can a man change? Can a broken family be made whole again? If one head is destroyed can the other survive?

My thoughts: I highly recommend reading this series in order, since the first book sets the stage for what happens in this story. In Letters from the Dragon's Son we get Jonathan's perspective on what happens after the first book in the series. This story is full of flawed characters, the most pronounced one being Jonathan's father. It would be hard to have a relationship with a father like the Captain. This book has a wonderful message of forgiveness and faith, set against the rich setting of the 1600's. 
I received a complimentary copy from Just Read. This is my honest review.

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