Monday, August 3, 2020

Line by Line

Alice McNeil resolved at a young age to travel through life unencumbered by love or marriage, free to make her own decisions. A seasoned telegrapher, she's recently acquired a coveted position at an important trading firm, but when the company's ambitious junior director returns to London, things begin to change in ways Alice could never have imagined.

For Douglas Shaw, years of hard work and ingenuity enabled him to escape a life of grinding poverty. He's also determined to marry into high society--a step that will ensure he never returns to the conditions of his past.

He and Alice form a friendly relationship based on mutual respect, but anything deeper is not in their plans. However, when Alice accidentally raises the ire of a jealous and vindictive coworker who's intent on ruining her life, Alice and Douglas are forced to confront what is truly important in their lives. Will their growing bond give them the courage to risk finding a better way?

My thoughts: I enjoyed the setting of this historical novel, since I haven't read a whole lot about those who worked with telegraphs. So, I enjoyed getting to know Alice as she tries to make it in a business world where options are fairly limited for females. Having grown up attending a fairly forward thinking school, she is more than happy to remain single and do a job she enjoys. That is, until Douglas Shaw enters the picture. I loved the chaos that ensues as they get to know one another, though I did feel bad for Alice when she becomes the target of a jealous co-worker. Still, this is an excellent story to pick up! 
I received this book from Bethany House. This is my honest review. 

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