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Swimming in the Deep End

Swimming the Deep End Blog Blitz

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swimming in the deep end Title: Swimming In The Deep End

Author: Christina Suzann Nelson

Publisher: Kregel Publications

Release Date: September 25, 2018

Genre: Contemporary Women's Fiction


A moving novel entwining the many faces of motherly love

Jillian Connors has the perfect daughter: loving and smart, she's an Olympic hopeful with a bright future. But when Gabby becomes pregnant, Jillian fears that future is lost. Worse, she must confront her own secret past and hope the decisions she's made don't drown their whole family.

Gabby can't believe God let this happen to her. She knew the risks, but who thinks about that when they're in love? Now she has to face the consequences--and the disappointed stares from everyone who thought she was the perfect Christian girl. At least she has the baby's father, Travis. Nothing can tear them apart, right?

Margaret Owens had determined dreams for her son. She's furious that Gabby's pregnancy jeopardizes his college baseball scholarship and terrified that Travis will be trapped in a life of struggle and poverty--the life she's tried so hard to save him from. She'll do anything to protect him--even if it means forcing him to leave Gabby.

Stacey Meyers is aching for a child of her own. But the son she was meant to adopt was taken before she could hold him in her arms. It feels like she'll never stop mourning; even the move to this new town hasn't distracted her from the pain. How can she and her husband find peace? Is there any hope of a family in their future?

And in the midst of all this . . . an unborn baby. Whose arms will hold him in the end?

Jillian Cline

These memories have been packed away and hidden in the basement of my mind. It’s where I put them to rest, and where they were supposed to stay. But, like it was yesterday, the moment from twenty-three years earlier crawls out of its box and attacks.

My pain is true and real, but now, through the heart of a mother, it burns deeper, spreads wider, takes over every cell in my body. It’s too late. The carefully covered wound is torn open, and my shredded heart is vulnerable to the flames.

There’s no way out.

No escape.

My mother told me I had a choice, but it was a choice she made for me. It wasn’t a moment of empowerment but of handing over my independence. She did this to me, and I can never forgive her.

I can tell myself lies all night, but they won’t blur the pictures that scald my mind every time my eyes close. Izzy’s thin figure didn’t cover the telltale rounding in her abdomen, the slight curve over the tips of her hip bones. How have I missed the signs?

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Christina Suzann Nelson, inspirational speaker and award-winning author of If We Make It Home, is celebrating the release of Swimming in the Deep End, on September 25, 2018. She writes and speaks about hope after dysfunction. Christina is over the top about her passions, including the stories created somewhere in the twists and turns of her less-than-focused brain. When she’s not writing, she’s working with the Every Child initiative, chasing escaped steers, reading, breathing in the sweet smell of her horse, hiking with her dog, or enjoying her just-as-crazy family.

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  3. This book sounds like a good read.

  4. Powerful excerpt! Thanks for sharing the giveaway!