Wednesday, November 14, 2018

How Do You Say Goodnight?

Join Zoey the zebra as she searches across Africa for the best way to say good night! She witnesses the bedtime routine of other animals, all of which seem fun to Zoey! When she returns home to her family, Zoey realizes that the way they say good night feels just right.
Zoey walked up to a sounder of warthogs. "How do you say good night?"
"We find a puddle to lie down and cuddle. We wiggle our snouts. We squeal and we shout. And we thank God above for His sweet, gentle love. Then we grunt, 'Good night!'"
She liked how warthogs end the day but still continued on her way.
Teaching little ones to celebrate differences and appreciate the blessing of their own unique family, How Do You Say Good Night? will be a great way to introduce the concept of diversity in an embracing and respectful way and will show the importance of thanking God for everything He provides.
Watch your little ones reach for this book night after night!

My thoughts: I love books that have fun, rhyming text, so I fell in love with this one right away! I love that the text flows nicely as Zebra sets off to find out the best way to say good night. It's such a clever and charming good night story that is different from the other books we have for good night stories. My children love adding this book to our nighttime routine. This one is a hit!
I received this book from book look bloggers. This is my honest review and is in no way influenced by receiving a complimentary copy.

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