Saturday, October 27, 2018

Winning the Battle

The most important battle you face is the battle for your mind, will, and emotions. Why? Because it greatly determines how much of God and his kingdom you will experience while you're on earth. The thoughts we entertain, the words we speak, and the choices we make shape and influence not only our reality, but all of creation.

The enemy loves to highlight our temporary challenges; poke at our feelings and stir up fear, frustration, doubt, and self-pity; and get us mired in murmuring and complaining.
Yet the Bible shows us that all of heaven is available to us right now.

In these pages you will discover the secret of Colossians: the incredible power of Christ in you. When you learn how to access his ever-present power and goodness, feelings and fears will no longer control you. You
will go from being overwhelmed to being an overcomer.

Heaven is only a decision away. How will you choose?

My thoughts: This book is an excellent resource to pick up, since it drives home the reminder of the spiritual battle we often forget. I love how grounded in scripture this book is! It's a wonderful reminder to stay vigilant in the battle for your mind, will, and emotions. I highly recommend it!
I received this book from Chosen. This is my honest review.

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