Monday, February 5, 2018

Faith and Lettering

Allow me a moment to geek out just a bit, since these gorgeous books arrived in the mail today! I decided to pick up calligraphy and hand lettering after Christmas, when I received a gift card to a local craft store and saw that they had these pens on sale:

Now, my handwriting has never been anything special, but I love pretty quotes, sayings, and Scriptures framed and placed around the house. I decided there was no time like the present to practice and change the way I write. Or, at least to practice and have the ability to write nicer.;) It's such a relaxing hobby! I have some ideas on how I want to use the skill, once I can write more confidently and evenly. For now, my writing still looks a bit shaky. So, I am thrilled to have this journal and book to help me master the art of hand lettering. I love that the book has so many different styles to practice and a lot of fun tips as well. If you are looking into hand lettering, then I highly recommend this book. I will also add the link to some dual pens I have fallen in love with. The Tombow set is a good way to go with starting out, but the colored markers are so much fun to work with!
I've also included the first two books I started out with. They are excellent as well!

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