Monday, February 26, 2018

A Refuge Assured

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Vivienne Rivard fled revolutionary France and seeks a new life for herself and a boy in her care, who some say is the Dauphin. But America is far from safe, as militiaman Liam Delaney knows. He proudly served in the American Revolution but is less sure of his role in the Whiskey Rebellion. Drawn together, will Liam and Vivienne find the peace they long for?

My thoughts: This book is packed full of historical facts! I enjoyed that it contrasted Vivienne fleeing from one revolt to a country that had recently revolted. The story is multi layered, with mysteries surrounding the young boy in Vivienne's care and the secret of Vivienne's own parentage. There is a lot going on between the history and fiction, that the book flows smoothly. I didn't know a lot about the Whiskey Rebellion, nor the Pennsylvanian town Assylum, so it was interesting to discover the history behind that side of the story.
This is an intense, rich historical tale.
I received this book from Bethany House for my honest review.

I recently reviewed The Lacemaker by Laura Franz and found it neat that the two authors wove their stories together a bit.;)

Just because I have been sick with a sore throat. These are amazing!

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