Monday, December 19, 2016

Take ten: books I would like left under the tree.

1. The Bound Heart by Dawn Crandall

2. The Captive imposter by Crandall

3. The Caution Maiden by Crandall
I enjoyed the first book in the series, so I would love to read 2-4 as well!

4. The Lady and the Lionheart by Joanne Biscof
This one looks like a book I would enjoy!

5. Ravenswold by Charity Bishop
I've enjoyed everything I have read by Charity, so I need her recent ish release. ;)

6. Rescue Me by Susan May Warren
I liked the first one, but I think I will love the characters in this one!

7. Where Two Hearts Meet by Liz Johnson
I enjoyed the first one, but really took to the character that will be the heroine in this one!

8. The Inn of Ivy Hill by Julie Klassen
My sister raves about this one, so I think it's one I need.

9. From this Moment by Elizabeth Camden
How did I miss this one?!

10. Baker's Magic by Diane Zahler
This one looks adorable and it's about a baker. Enough said. :)


  1. YAY! So many great authors and books. Hope you get Joanne's. Hers is definitely worth every inch of its shelf space. :)

    1. I keep meaning to get it! I have a hard time justifying buying a book when I glance at my TBR pile. Lol.

  2. I haven't read any of these books, but I do hope they turn up for you this Christmas!