Monday, August 15, 2016

Top Ten book in x setting

At first, I debated doing my top ten favorites set in England or in a fantasy style land, but then I thought that might be to easy and have a lot of repeats from the lists I have done recently. So, instead, I will do my top ten favorites that have to do with the sea. Come to find out, that was not as much of a challenge as I thought it would be.;)

1. The Things We Knew
I actually have to post a review on this one soon. While it wasn't quite as much of a mystery as I had hoped, I still loved the main characters and the drive of the story. I also love that it was set in Nantucket!

2. The Secret in Belfast
Not only is this book about the Titanic, but it also has magic in it!

3. Through Waters Deep
I loved the characters in this one and that there was such a sweet romance that blossoms over the course of the story. And, it's a WWII setting, which is almost always a winner for me!

4. Anchor in the Storm
This one is in the same series as Through Waters Deep. I loved the plucky heroine!

5. Five Days in Skye
I picked this one up on Netgalley on a whim, and was so glad I did! Skye is such a gorgeous setting for a book.

6. Beyond the Rising Tide
This was an interesting one, with the impossible romance.;)

7. Maggie Bright
While perhaps a tad dry and hard to get into, I LOVED this one! It is about Dunkirk, which was fascinating. I love the depth of the story.

8. The Prayer Box
I loved the history showcased in this story.

9. The Sea Keeper's Daughter
This one is loosely in the same series as The Prayer Box, but you don't have to read them in order (though you will want to read the whole series!)

10. Beyond All Dreams
This reminds me, I need to read the last two books that Elizabeth Camden has released, since she always does a fabulous job of bringing to life history. This one has to do with the Library of Congress and disappearing ships.;)

So, for some reason I am unable to post pictures with my post. So, instead you get the link to read about each book.;)


  1. Lovely list Amanda! :-) I'm not familiar with many of these books.

    1. Thanks! A lot of them are ones that I have reviewed.;)

  2. This is a great list, I don't know any of the books on your list and I'm happy to learn about new books. I think that The Secret in Belfast seems most interesting to me.

    1. That one is excellent! (though, I like them all) It is an interesting story that I highly recommend.