Monday, April 20, 2015

The World Needs More Love Letters

I adore the title on this book! Filled with all in one stationery and envelopes, this book is a perfect one to have on hand to write notes to friends, family, and loved ones. The pages have gorgeous, modern designs on one side that is folded to be the envelope part, then a lined side for lovely notes to be written. I'm such a word nerd! My parents are moving, so I had to finally move the last of my childhood and high school items out of their house. When going through all the shoe boxes in my old closet, I found that I had saved most of the letters and notes I have received over the years. It was so much fun to go through them! (though it was a lot! lol) I'm especially glad that, when I realized my friendship with Andrew was going somewhere, that I asked him to switch from email to handwritten letters, since there is nothing sweeter than getting a handwritten note. So, I agree with the title. The world does need more love letters! This book is such a wonderful start to encourage those who have touched your life, from teachers to grandparents, mentors to friends. The world truly needs more love letters.
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