Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Top Ten Book Confessions

1. One of the (many) reasons I am excited to be a mom now, is that I can once again participate in the summer reading program at the library. We finished it in two weeks.;)

2. I have never read Twilight. And I probably never will.

3. I am a horrible person to lend books to. You may never get them back, since they get lost in my stack of "to read:. (now, I probably better go through that stack and return some books..)

4. I thought I would never be won over to electronic reading devices. Then, I was given a Kindle for Christmas in 2011. Lets just say, my husband knows me better than I know myself.;)

5. Used bookstores are my weakness.

6. I don't always read series in order...

7. Vacations as a kid weren't complete unless I had a while backpack stuffed with books. Even if I didn't touch hardly any of them. (though, on road trips, I was often glad of all the books.

8. Reading in the car doesn't make me carsick, for which I am glad, since we took a lot of road trips growing up!

9. I have never bought a book to put on my Kindle, and yet I have at least 500 titles.

10. My husband is every bit the reader I am, which is great, since then we can spend the evening engrossed in our books.:) I don't feel guilty when a book has me sucked in, because he understands.


  1. +JMJ+

    #7 -- When I'm traveling, I always pack more books than I think I'll need. Because of all those times when I told myself I wouldn't want a book, left all reading material at home, and absolutely regretted it.

    #9 -- Practically all of my Kindle books are free, too! The majority are either public domain classics or promotional deals. In fact, I paid for exactly one of them . . . and I'm a little upset that it has broken my perfect record. ;-)

  2. Exactly! It was the fear of having nothing to read in a moment of need that spurred me to have a full back pack of books on hand.;) A Kindle sure saves me!
    lol, hopefully that one book was incredible!:)