Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Baby Shower fun!

Over a week ago, my mom, sister, aunt, and friend threw a baby shower for A and me. I feel so spoiled by all the work they put into it!

It was a garden theme, which is kind of funny, since that was the theme for my 16th birthday party (eons ago, might I add. lol).

Kenna went to town with the cupcakes and cake pops.

I love how the cake pops looked like little flowers! The doughnut muffins were almost like dessert too!

My young cousin hand squeezed the lemon aid herself, then did up the adorable sign in the background.

This picture turned out a bit dark (I should of taken some pictures of my own! These are all ones that my aunt took before everyone dug in), but is shows the whole spread. The banner will go in A's nursery, over the front windows.:)
I felt quite spoiled by those who put on the party, and then everyone who attended!


  1. What a fun shower! I'm glad your family blessed you like that :)