Thursday, January 31, 2013


When Moira Harrison hits a lone woman on the road in the middle of a torrential rain storm, only to wake up from a mild concussion to discover there is no woman or Good Samaritan on the road, she wonders if the accident was caused by something else.
Yet, Moira cannot get the image of the woman's scared eyes off her mind. Convinced something is going on, she follows her reporter instinct and goes to Phoenix Inc, a group of PI's, to help her get to the bottom of the mystery.
I loved the characters in this story! Especially Nikki, the health conscience, rough around the edges receptionist. I love there are numerous characters who are interesting and engaging.
I will warn you though, this is an engrossing read that will keep you up late at night, racing to the end, seeking for answers with Moira and the guys at Phoenix. I look forward to the sequels!

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