Thursday, January 24, 2013

Life Promises for Couples

I've read a lot of Gary Chapman's books since getting married (and even before that), since he is an excellent source for marriage related books. When newlyweds, it is important to be able to have an older couple that can mentor you. Not only can that be done at your church, but you can also have a similar mentor ship through reading books by couples who have been married 20+ years. I recommend authors who are real about their marriages, not the type who like to paint a picture that they have the perfect relationship, but also not a couple who is quick to put their spouse down.
But I digress... This is an excellent books of promises for couples, whether you are just setting out on your journey or have been married for some time and looking at ways to draw closer to one another.
Two thumbs up!


  1. My husband and I like to read devotionals together like this one, so we will have to check it out! I've liked Gary Chapman's books in the past.

  2. I really like Gary Chapman's books, adding this one to my list :)
    I agree its really important to have older couples who have been married for many years with good testimony. Although I'm not married yet (currently dating), I have benefited from 2 such relationships in my church and their wisdom and insight, as well as how they treat each other has been a big blessing to both of us.

  3. It is so important to have older, married couples who can mentor! Whether you are married yet or just dating.;) I know I have appreciated having older couples to look up too.