Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Darkness Rising

There is an evil in East Salem that has been brewing for hundreds of years. No longer content to hide below ground, away from prying eyes, it has started to leak out into the quiet community and wreck havoc.
Danielle Harris and Tommy Gunderson seek to uncover more regarding some mysterious deaths in the area. Drawn in to the spiritual warfare seemingly by accident, they find there is a much bigger role they must play, if they can only heed the angel's warning about someone close will betray them.
Even though I didn't realize this book was the second in the East Salem Trilogy, I found the story very interesting and easy to keep up with. It would of helped to have read the first one Waking Hours, but I didn't feel like it hampered me incredibly to just jump in to the series.
While the series is a bit dark, that it somewhat expected, since it deals with spiritual warfare and demons. I thought it was a bit creepy, but by no means over the top or over done. I highly recommend this book and look forward to the conclusion!

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