Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Starring Me by Krista McGee

Somewhat of a sequel to Krista McGee's first novel, First Date, Starring Me tells the story of Addy's friend, Kara McKormick. Although being part of the reality TV show was an enjoyable experience, Kara is thrilled when the opportunity arises for her to be able to embrace her true love, acting. When she is invited to audition for a teen variety show, she jumps at the chance, little realizing how much the audition is going to change not only the course of her future, but her outlook on life as well.
After reading the first book by this talented author, I couldn't wait to read Starring Me! The characters are fresh and fun. I especially like that the secondary characters are more than just props, that they actually go through character development too. I think there is a real need for clean, cute teen fiction. Even if you aren't a teenager, this series is a fun read.

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