Wednesday, June 13, 2012

first of ten

I don't think I can come up with ten secrets about myself, so I will bend it a bit and do ten little known things about me. Or, perhaps just random tidbits, since I can be pretty random. lol.

1. My diploma arrived in the mail yesterday! Oddly enough, when I opened it and saw the very official document in it was when I felt like I had truly finished college.;) I thought it would be when I completed my last Algebra class, but taking the final didn't leave me feeling any different.;)

2. I hated math (with a passion!) in high school, since I felt like I never "got" Algebra. There are other reasons I am glad to have gone back to school, but one of the biggest is that it gave me a new appreciation for math. I don't love the subject, but I now feel like I understand it a lot better. I just have to think of it as a puzzle to solve.;)

3. We are tearing down the old wood lath, plaster, and insulation in (what will be) the master bedroom of the house. Call me crazy, but it is oddly invigorating to haul all the old stuff out and imagine what the room will look like when the new walls are up and the floor is re-done. *happy sigh*

4. I used to be a huge fan of Diet Coke, but decided to quit drinking it since there is no health benefit to it.;) I quit drinking it around the first of the year. Its amazing how some things no longer even appeal to you after you have been away from it for some time.;) Its like "Why did I like that stuff again?".

5. I don't eat gravy. I'm not really a picky person when it comes to food, so its weird that I don't like gravy. I'm pretty sure that I have never liked it. The only exception would be biscuits and gravy made over a camp fire. Now, that's living.;)

6. I totally respected Andrew as a friend when we were younger, but I wasn't so keen on the idea of being in a romantic relationship with him. I am proof that girls don't always know what is good for them.;) I'm glad I listened to my mom and gave him a chance! lol.

7. Despite what Andrew thinks, I am not a huge fan of shopping. If I don't really need anything and there isn't really a great deal to be had on something I need, I would much rather be at home, doing something productive.

8. After the bat invasion last summer, mice (which used to terrify me) are now adorable in comparison.;) We had one living in our house for a while and I thought it was cute. lol. Though, it had to go, since I didn't want to share our food with it.;) To bad we couldn't of made a deal for it to just eat the crumbs off the floor, as then I could of kept it as a pet.;)

9. For some reason, I have always wanted to go to the UK, particularly Scotland. Perhaps someday...:D

10. One of our big dreams is to buy a farm (40 acres would be a good start;)) and try to be self sufficient. Still working out the logistics of how that would work, but it would be nice to live off the grid. We have plans for what we would grow and raise.:D

So, there you have it! This may (okay, in all reality, I'm sure it will be) wind up being a ten post challenge instead of ten day challenge.;)


  1. Hurray for your diploma!! Congrats!

    Yep, always listening to your Mom ;-)

    Oh, I want to go to Scotland too!! and the farm idea; I'd love that too. Farm girl at heart and always will be, I suppose.

  2. Thanks! It feels so good to be done now.;)
    lol, I am glad I listened to her!
    Scotland looks gorgeous, no? Something about the rugged beauty appeals to me.;)
    Yes, you can take a girl off the farm, but not the farm out of a girl! lol. I'm not even a "real" farm girl, since we just had 8 acres.;)