Sunday, January 22, 2023

United Forces


He inhaled slow deep breaths and exhaled, attempting to remain calm after this latest development. His mind battled between panic and being brave enough to plan an effective action. Obtaining information about these people on the mountain to the south would be required to ensure the safety of their newly established headquarters. The abundant cedar and pine trees concealed the house but made it more difficult for Kahn and the others to see across the mountain and valley to the next mountain using the night vision goggles. The other group members determined they must go through the surrounding woods and into the clearing for a better view. Kahn agreed. 

The cold darkness of night was amplified in the thick woods surrounding the headquarters. Kahn trailed behind the other members of the Underground Book Readers a little further out of the woods. He stood very still. Raising the binoculars to his eyes, he located the potential threat; the unexpected cluster of people gathering, spreading out, then regrouping again on the side of the other mountain.  

“Why do you suppose they are doing that?” Asher asked. 

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