Wednesday, November 2, 2022

The Newton Chronicles: Soldiers, Crystals, and Temples


Luke Alexander's father is "missing, presumed dead." But Luke is confident that his father has set off on an adventure and needs his help. Searching through his father's office, Luke - along with his friends Nathan, a pastor's kid, and Lydia, a world traveler who knows several languages - discovers some confusing notes about Isaac Newton and finds a strange watch that once belonged to his grandfather. Knowing his archeologist father was on the hunt for Solomon's temple, Luke and his friends decide to start a search of their own. Little do they know that their search will take them on the wildest adventures of their lives and make the stories of Solomon's temple and other biblical events seem more real than they ever thought possible. But will their adventures lead them to Luke's father, or will they only wind up with more questions than answers? Soldiers, Crystals, and Temples is an excellent book for anyone who loves a good adventure and who wants to find the truth that is found only in God's Word. This first book in The Newton Chronicles will make history and the Bible come alive for readers both young and old.


“And my mom made me take those advanced classes because—” 

“I know. Because she teaches statistics at the college,” Nathan interrupted. “I guess Lydia figures she can talk to anyone taking advanced math classes.” 

“She’s got way more brains than me,” I acknowledge. “Hey, what was your dad talking about?” 

“What do you mean?” 

“You know, at the end of the sermon.” 

“I wasn’t paying attention,” Nathan says. “Why?” “He was talking about Isaac Newton.” 

“Really? Who knows,” Nathan replies. “I kind of tune him out on most Sundays. I mean I hear all that stuff at home.” 

“Luke,” my mother yells from across the parking lot. 

Nathan waves at Mom. “Hi, Mrs. Alexander.” “Hello, Nathan,” she says. 

“Coming, Mom. Hey, Nathan, why don’t you come over later?” I ask. 

“I’ll check with my parents. You know how it is, Sunday and all . . . if we don’t have to go visiting a church family.” 

“Okay. Just text me.” 

Walking out of the church, I realize for the first time I am excited about learning a subject not taught in school. Who would ever think someone my age would want to investigate Isaac Newton? 

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