Saturday, January 4, 2020

Listen Well, Lead Better

Why do so many leaders prioritize their speaking skills when communication studies show we spend more time listening than reading, writing, or speaking? The reality is, most people are below-average listeners, and it's keeping them and their team members from reaching their potential.

In Listen Well, Lead Better, Steve and Becky Harling share 10 practices that will help you be a more effective listener and leader. Learn how to ask better questions, make people feel heard and valued, and create an open and positive culture. Strong listeners also enjoy greater credibility, navigate conflicts better, and foster more engaged teams. Above all, the lessons here will help you hear from God more clearly and gain his wisdom on all matters in life. Becoming a better listener will transform how you lead and relate to everyone.

My thoughts: While I am not in a leadership position, I thought that this book would be interesting to apply to daily life and being a mother of 3. It is an excellent book on how to listen better and apply to every day life. Yes, a lot of it talks about listening to your team, but I think the reader can replace the terminology with friends, spouse, kids, family, etc. I enjoyed the stories that are included and appreciated the scriptures used!
I received this book from Bethany House. This is my honest review.

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