Monday, January 21, 2019

Top ten: books I thought I would get to in 2018

Here is my list of books I thought I would get to in 2018! I always think I can get more read then is actually feasible.;)
As usual, if you are interested in learning more about the book, click the image to go to Amazon. These are affiliate links, so thank you for supporting my hobby.;)

1. The White City

I found this one on Netgalley and had hoped to have it read by now. It looks like an amazing mystery about the Chicago World Fair murders.

2. A Return of Devotion

I'm surprised that I haven't devoured this one yet, since Kristi is a favorite author and the first book was phenomenal!

3. A Desperate Hope

Another favorite that I need to make time for!

4. Ravenswolde

I'm ashamed that this one is still on my TBR list. I need to read it soon!

5. Cinders, Stars, and Slippers

6. Thief of Corinth

7. Brunch at Bittersweet Café

This one I am remedying now, since I am in the middle of it.;)

8. If I live

While I enjoyed the first book, I haven't made the time to pick up the rest of the series, partially because it felt a tiny bit drawn out.

9. Traitor's Masque

I've heard that Kenley's books are wonderful, so I need to make time for them!

10. Royally in Trouble

I've had this one on my kindle since November. Jenny's books are always delightful.


  1. Carla's is on my next-to-read ASAP. I really enjoyed book one, so I hope this sequel is good too. I also need to read Terri Blackstock's last novel! :)

    1. It is good, so far.;) I like that it's about a pastry chef.;)

  2. Looks like a good bunch of books. I hope you get to them in 2019. My TTT Books I meant to read last year

    1. I hope so too! In theory, I should be reading more in the Winter, right?;)

  3. I read mainly non-fiction and have some great books to recommend about the Chicago World's Fair if you are ever interested, after you read The White City. Happy Reading!

  4. There's too many books to get around to! I hope you can manage to knock some of these off your TBR. My TTT

  5. White City does have an interesting cover.

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.

  6. If I Live caught my attention. Is it the second book in that series?

    This is my Top Ten Tuesday post.

  7. How did you get A Return of Devotion in 2018? :) Does it even count if the book isn't out yet? I think that's cheating on your list. hehe. Enjoy it!

  8. Cinders, Stars, and Glass Slippers has a beautiful cover. The White City looks good. I haven't read any of these yet though.