Monday, December 4, 2017

Take ten: bookish settings I would love to visit

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1. Persuasion

Bath, England. I know Jane Austen hated it, but I think it would be fun to visit!

2. Jane of Austin

I may of visited Austin, Texas as a kid, but if so, I don't remember much about it. I have heard that it is a fun city, and this book made me think it would be one I would enjoy.

3. Lizzy and Jane

While this isn't my favorite out of Katherine's books, I did enjoy the introduction to Seattle! I think I would love the markets and foodie scene.;)

4. The Red Door Inn

Anne of Green Gables

Prince Edward Island. It sounds like a neat place to get away!

5. I Always Cry at Weddings

I have never been to New York City, but would love to someday!

6. Under a Summer Sky

Savannah, Georgia sounds like a place I would enjoy, with all the historical buildings!

7. Anna and the French Kiss

I should add a disclaimer that I haven't actually read this series, though it is on my TBR list! I would like to visit Paris someday though.;)

8. Close to You

This book made me want to plan a trip to New Zealand! My nerd side comes out with this one, since it is centered around Hobbiton. lol.

9. The Bronte Plot

Another nerd book for me, since the main character goes on a tour of the Bronte's home. I need rich friends to take me on trips. lol.

10. Can't Help Falling

This one is set in Oxford, which is on my list of places to visit.

So, there is my list! I stuck with actual places, though there are plenty of fictitious ones I would love to visit, like Hogwarts and Narnia. I would also just love to be able to time travel to different eras or jump into stories.;)


  1. Oh my!! So many favorite authors! Love seeing all of the Katherine Reay bookworm love on this list as well as Hillary Manton Lodge, and of course, Prince Edward Island. That is one place on my "someday (but probably won't ever) visit" list. :)

    1. I hope you make it to Prince Edward Island! It is a bit out the way though, so I can see why it might be hard to plan a trip there.

  2. I would definitely love to visit the crew from Anna and the french kiss in Paris. Lovely story and group of friends. Great list!!

    My Top 10 Bookish places to Visit

    1. I really must read those books...
      Thanks for stopping by!