Monday, November 7, 2016

Take ten: most recent books added to my TBR list

This week over at The Broke and Bookish, the subject for the week is the top ten books recently added to one's to be read list.

1. Flames

When I mentioned one of Ginny's other books last week, I realized that she has a few new releases that I need to read.

2. Home

This one looks excellent, about an author escaping a deadline.

3. An Unlikely Suitor

I've enjoyed the books that I have read by Nancy, so I added this to my list recently when I realized it was one of her newer releases.

4. Wild Heart Summer

I'm behind on some of my favorite authors!

5. The One True Love of Alice-Ann

A WWII era story that looks excellent!

6. Catching Heat

Really, my sister tells me that I need to read this whole series, so I added it to my list.

7. The Returning

I thought the second book had more going for it than the first, so I hope that this one will continue the trend and be the best yet! I like the idea that 20 years have passed.

8. A Name Unknown

I look forward to this one! It will have some mystery and suspense, which should be delightful.

9. Rescue Me

The characters in this book were introduced in Montana Skies, so I look forward to seeing how their story plays out!

10. Spindle

This one looks like a fun retelling of a favorite fairy tale. Has anyone else read it?

So, that is my list for the week. What is on yours? What should I add to mine?


  1. YAY for the Jenny B. Jones (loved this one, of course) and Susan May Warren (anticipating Rescue Me) book love. Both are favorite authors.

    1. I need to get caught up on Jenny's books!
      I'm really looking forward to Rescue Me. :)

  2. Spindle looks beautiful! I hadn't seen it before. :-)

  3. Oh Spindle looks interesting and that cover is great.