Monday, April 21, 2014

The Color of Justice

In 1964, Cooper Lindsay has just moved back to his hometown of Justice, Mississippi to start a law practice there. When a desperate woman from the "wrong side of the tracks" comes to his office to ask Coop to defend her son in a murder case, Cooper must decide if he is willing to sacrifice his practice and his family's reputation in order to defend a man who he feels is innocent.
Almost 50 years later, Coop's grandson and namesake comes back to Justice to clear up the disappearance of his grandfather and the man he defended. But, Justice is again divided over a murder, this time where the victim is African American and the suspect is white and from a despised wealthy family.
I thought that this novel was fantastic! There were a few things in the conclusion that I would of liked to have changed, but I understand why the author did it that way. The characters were wonderful though, and I thought it was an interesting comparison to reverse the prejudice. Ace Collins did an awesome job dealing with a sad part of American history. Two thumbs up!

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