Monday, November 11, 2013

Welcome to our world

I failed to mention earlier, but little baby Aster (her nickname for here) joined our family back in September! She came 17 days early, which wound up being a blessing, since I had a bit of hypertension towards the end of my pregnancy. Enough so, that I had to have some tests done to make sure I didn't have per-eclampsia (which came back negative, praise God!) and there was talk that I might have to be induced. So, I was more than thrilled when she decided to come on her own! I was able to have her at home, like we wanted, though not at our home, as we were at my parents house when the contractions started really going somewhere. With it being so early, I figured that we weren't going to have a baby anytime soon: I wasn't even convinced that I was actually in labor until the contractions grew close together and more intense.;) My in-laws give us a hard time for not calling them soon, it took their calling us to find out we were in labor! That would be because they called right after we figured that it was the real deal.;) We were a bit disorganized with things like calling family, since she just came so fast and before we thought she would.
Anyway, after over just eight hours of hard labor, Aster joined us! I thought I would want to sleep as soon as she was here, since I pushed for so long, but then she was here and I couldn't sleep! lol. I just wanted to take in our little bundle of joy. Almost two months later, I still am in awe that this little miracle is part of our family.

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  1. Congrats! Cute nickname :) And she is so cute. Sounds like her timing was perfect and hurray that you got to have her at home!