Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Five Days in Skye

In return for upsetting a client, Hospitality consultant Andrea Sullivan is given one last chance to redeem herself and snag the coveted position of VP. Sent to the Isle of Skye in order to get the contract for helping chef James MacDonald realize his dream of opening a hotel, Andrea just wants to get her work done and get home, so she can enjoy some of her vacation time.
As she gets to know James though, she finds that things might not be so easy as she thought. What starts out as a nuisance to Andrea might just bring the healing that her heart needs.
I thought this one was a cute, chick flick style book that wound up having more to it (in a good way!) then you originally think when you first crack it open. The characters were well written and I like that there wound up being more to the story then I thought there would be. Both Andrea and James develop nicely into characters that one can fall in love with.
Two thumbs up!

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