Friday, August 16, 2013

Dark Halo

In the stunning finale to the Angel Eyes trilogy, Brielle and Jake find themselves in a hard place. Brielle has been left behind after a battle where Jake was taken by the demon, Damien. As she seeks to do all she can to help the angels around her fight to keep demons at bay in her small town and keep the veil from tearing, she can't help but think that life would be more peaceful without her celestial eyes. When she falls into a trap while trying to rescue Jake, she is given the chance to no longer have to see beyond the Terrestrial. Will Brielle make the right choice, even if it could cost her the love of her life?
The whole trilogy was excellent, but I think I like Dark Halo the best, since the novel tied everything together. I felt like the first book did well enough standing alone, but the second one left a lot hanging that was resolved through this one.
I like that this series is about spiritual warfare and that it gives you a lot to think about. Excellent!

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