Thursday, June 13, 2013

King by R. J Larson

In the third Book of the Infinite, we find the story of Akabe of Siphra, an outlaw who has been chosen to be king. Setting out to prove that the people, and the Infinite, have chosen the right man for the job, Akabe seeks to build the temple for the Infinite. But, the temple land is tied to a family of nobility who is known to be pagans. As Akabe follows through with marrying into the family to acquire the land, hie is swept into a world of deceit and terror.
Meanwhile, Ela of Parne is sure that she will die young, since prophets attuned to the Infinite rarely make it to old age. When her father decides she needs to find a husband and settle down, Ela embarks on a new adventure: marriage.
This novel was at the top of my list of most anticipated books being released this year. It lived up to my hopes! It is rare for a work of Christian fiction to draw one in to the story so fully, which is what this series does.:D I highly recommend the whole series!

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