Sunday, April 7, 2013

Quite the page turner!

Life seems to have never been better for surgeon Matthew Newman. He just gave up a stressful practice in favor of a more prestigious position and he dreams of proposing to the girl of his dreams. Until late one night/early morning, he is leaving the hospital and winds up being kidnapped by two hired thugs. When he awakes from the whole ordeal, he finds himself in poor shape, a person of interest in a murder. Suddenly, all he thought he had evaporates and he is left to pick up the pieces, trying to figure out what God might have in store with the broken remnants of his life.
This is the first book I have read by Richard Mabry. I was blown away with how good it was! The story flowed well. I liked that Matt had ways believed in God, but it wasn't until his life stopped going the way he thought it should that his relationship with God could deepen, since I think that is try in a lot of cases (I know it has been in my life!). The story had a nice, exciting flow to it, seeming neither rushed now drawn out. I liked that there was more than just a mystery, as Matt tries to move on with his life while trying to figure out who could want him dead. A must for mystery lovers!

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