Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Northern Lights Trilogy

Prepare to be swept away with this series! The Northern Lights trilogy is the interwoven stories of several different Norwegian immigrants/families who come over to America to make a better way for themselves.
The Captains Bride introduces the reader to Elsa and Peder Ramstad, who leave Norway with Elsa's sister, Tora, a young woman named Kaatje Jansen, and Karl Martensen.
Deep Harbor continues the story, focusing more on Tora and how her selfish choices might cost her everything she holds dear. It also continues Kaatje's story as she struggles to make a go of life in America for her and her two girls.
Midnight Sun focuses on Kaatje Jansen's story, as she seeks to figure out what happened to her missing husband.
I don't want to say to much about the sequels, since that can ruin the first one.:) This is a lovely series that is perfect for snow days! I like that you can go through the whole series, since it comes packaged together.:)

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