Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Guardian Duke by Jamie Carie

Life is predictable for the Gabriel, the Duke of St. Easton. That is, until the Fall of 1818 when he starts to experience a unaccounted loss of hearing and then is called upon to be the guardian for Alexandria Featherstone. The only problem is, his headstrong young ward doesn't believe that her parents are dead. Famed treasure seekers, Alex feels like she would feel their loss. To prove that her parents are still alive, she embarks on an adventure to discover the treasure they were seeking, hoping that it will lead her to them.
I found the characters in this story to be fun and quirky. I liked that it wasn't just a story about a couple of people, but that the secondary characters develop too.
I read the sequels and decided not to do a full review on them, since the first book was by far the best. I would recommend stopped with the first, since the story descends into a truly unbelievable tale.

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