Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Guestbook by Mary Beth Whalen

Growing up, Macy Dillon's family takes their yearly vacations at a beach house in the Carolina's. At a young age, her father encouraged her to draw a picture in the guest book at the rented house, since she couldn't yet write an entry about their visit. When Macy returned the next year, there is another drawing with hers done by a boy about her age. Through the years, Macy and the artist communicate through their art, never knowing the identity of the other. When tragedy strikes her family, Macy goes ten years without returning to Time in a Bottle. Time and bad choices have separated her from the little girl she once was, so when her mom suggests another family vacation, she jumps on the chance to re-connect with her past and perhaps the mysterious artist. Little does she know that her quest to discover the artist will lead her to the love of her life. I found this story engaging and fun, though you don't receive answers to questions regarding the details of the story until you are well into the book. The story is a wonderful reminder to not take life or loved ones for granted, to remember to turn to the Creator of the universe in all things.

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