Saturday, March 24, 2012

Crater by Homer Hickam

Imagine a colony on the moon where cats are a legend, the sound of rain on a roof a mystery, and all the food originally made in a lab.
Welcome to Moontown, a colony pioneered on the moon to processes Helium 3 for war torn Earth to survive.
Crater Trueblood is an orphan boy who is happy-go-lucky and doesn't aspire to do anything greater than work in the mines, as his friend, Petro, does. But, when the two save the day at the mine, Crater is introduced to the Colonel (who runs the mine) and is sent on a mission to obtain a mysterious package.
The story was a bit hard to get into at first, since it seems like some things one is just expected to know. I don't know if that is because one is suppose to have read other books by the author or if its because some things are suppose to be common knowledge to Science Fiction fans. Whatever the cause, it took me a bit to get into the story. Once I made it through the first bit, I enjoyed the adventure that Crater, Petro, and Maria go on. The author created an interesting world, though I felt like his description of what happened on Earth to make the situation on the Moon necessary was a bit lacking. It would of been nice if he had either gone into that story a bit or jut totally left it alone, rather than hinting at something having happened on Earth.
I think this book would be especially perfect for teens who enjoy Science Fiction or Fantasy.
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