Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Today has been one of those days that is filled to the brim with blessings. I found a key that I didn't know I had lost in the driveway, which is a blessing in more ways than one! I didn't have to wait till I knew it was missing (as in making a trip to the new store and finding that I didn't have a key to open it up).:)
When I opened the back porch door, I dropped a gallon of milk. Not just any gallon of milk, since we buy raw milk and it is in glass jars. So, seeing it bounce and not burst open was pretty amazing! I was happy not to have to clean milk out of the indoor/outdoor carpet and run the risk of smelling sour milk through the summer months.;)
Our a/c here at the house is now working correctly! It will be especially appreciated tomorrow, when we get home from a long day in a warm bakery.;)
I also picked a bunch of gooseberries this afternoon, to add to the basket from last week. It felt good to be outdoors, since it was relatively cool out after the storm last night.

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