Sunday, March 29, 2020

Managing Worry and Anxiety

Scripture says "be anxious for nothing," yet most of us find ourselves increasingly worried and anxious--about our families, our jobs, our finances, our security, and so much more. We're even worried about our level of anxiety!

Integrating both the psychological and spiritual aspects of anxiety, therapist Jean Holthaus offers this research-driven and faith-informed approach to understanding why we experience anxiety and shows us how to effectively manage it by developing three essential skills:

- living in the present moment
- suspending judgment
- believing yourself to be competent and equipped by God

Our world is never going to be a completely safe and understandable place. But with Holthaus's help, our hearts and minds can experience greater and lasting peace.

My thoughts: Oh my goodness, this book is perfect for what a lot of us might be experiencing with the pandemic and how uncertain the world is around us! I really appreciated the information in this book. Jean does an excellent job of breaking down a lot of the causes for anxiety and worry, whether it be hereditary or circumstantial. I appreciated the suggestions she gives to helping ease some of the anxiety and worry. I also love that she has a Biblical approach.
I received this book from Revell. This is my honest review.

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