Monday, December 5, 2016

Take Ten: New to me authors in 2016

While it seems like I read a lot of new authors, I had a harder time coming up with this list! Here are ten authors I tried (and loved!) for the first time this year.

1. Victoria Bylin

I had heard a lot about this author, and even got one of her first books on my Kindle through Netgalley. I'm glad I finally read one of her books, since she is a fabulous author!

2. Sara Ella

I was super excited about this book! It was great, and I look forward to reading more by this author.

3. Becky Thompson
I'm not really one to follow blogs, unless they are people I know or feel like I know through something like this. So, I didn't read anything by Becky until I got a hold of Hope Unfolding. It's a wonderful book on parenting!

4. Ruth Logan Herne

I've enjoyed both books in this series, and look forward to going back and reading some of her other books, since she writes some deep characters and tackles difficult subjects.

5. Janet Ferguson

I adore this author! She does a marvelous job of writing fiction and bringing important topics into her stories (like modern day slavery).

6. Rachelle Rae Cobb

I'm not even sure how I first found Rachelle's blog, but I was thrilled to finally read her first book!

7. Liz Johnson

She had me at Prince Edward Island.;)

8. Kristen Welch

9. Catherine West

10. Candace Calvert

Radical Beauty

Feel more beautiful, healthy, and energized than you have in years! Now, a revolutionary new way of helping you realize the true beauty that is your birthright!

Deepak Chopra, a leading pioneer of integrative medicine and New York Times bestselling author of What Are You Hungry For?, and Kimberly Snyder, a Hollywood superstar nutritionist and New York Times bestselling author of The Beauty Detox Solution, offer an exciting and practical program to help transform you from the inside out. Through six pillars of healthy living that focus on internal and external nourishment, sleep, living naturally, avoiding excessive stress, and better understanding the relationship between emotions and inflammatory foods, the authors offer practical tips, tools, innovative routines, and foods that will allow you to achieve your highest potential of beauty and health.

Here is the latest information on foods to support your metabolism and how to best promote circulation of beauty-boosting nutrients; the use of the most effective skin-care ingredients coupled with traditional Ayurvedic medicine; and how to work with your skin to balance your nervous system, thus slowing aging. Further, Chopra and Snyder will show you how positive emotion-based living and peace foster natural and timeless beauty. All of this comes together to help you in developing a more healthy body and mind, increasing your natural glow, magnetic presence, and radiant vitality.

With powerful DIY home skin care and beauty remedies and treatments to address everything from acne to dry skin and wrinkles, techniques to promote your natural beauty by syncing with the power of rhythms found in nature, strategic dietary tips, and delicious recipes, Radical Beauty will help you feel more confident, achieve more beautifully smooth illuminating skin, healthy hair, bright eyes, and—perhaps best of all—the ability to tap into and be in touch with the true beauty that is already within you.

My thoughts: This book is interesting! I like the combination of information in here. There are recipes, exercises, and information what vitamins to take to help one's health and appearance. A lot of the information was new to me, like dry brushing and massaging muscles to help move toxins out. I look forward to incorporating more of this book into my routine!
I received this book from Blogging for books in exchange for my honest review.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Getaway with God

What if a simple day away could transform your life?
Does spending time with God sound like just one more thing to check off an ever-increasing to-do list? How are you supposed to fit in anything that threatens to be more time-consuming? Too often there’s simply no room to experience the intimacy, grace, and peace that God offers us.
Getaway with God does more than invite you to step away from life’s pressures to take a personal retreat. It shows you exactly why you must–for your sake and for your family’s.
With grace and warmth, Letitia Suk provides step-by-step guidance and the necessary tools to enable any woman on any budget to plan time away, whether it’s a quick, half-day break or a weeklong time of restoration. You’ll find detailed steps for preparation, including descriptions of different kinds of retreats and how to choose the best one for you, and you’ll learn ways to bring the renewal you experience home with you. Practical appendixes identify retreat centers nationwide and provide exercises and prayers to kick-start your getaway with God.
No matter what your season in life, the time for retreat is now!

My thoughts: This book is excellent! I've been to retreats with different groups, from young singles (when I was classified as such!) to family, women's to family, but I never really thought about the benefit of planning my own quiet retreat from the world, so I could communicate with God. With young children, this will be hard, but I look forward to implementing this book in my life!
I received this book from Litfuse in exchange for my honest review.
Getaway with God Letitia Suk

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Best Christmas Gift Ever!

A new VeggieTales board book about the true meaning of Christmas
In this festive VeggieTales book, the Veggies are celebrating Christmas—decorating the tree, singing carols, and exchanging gifts. But in the middle of all the activity—though it’s so much fun to give and receive presents—the Veggies all know that the greatest gift of all was God’s gift of Jesus, his Son. Children will love the colorful art featuring their favorite Veggie friends. Parents can use this book to introduce little ones to Jesus’ birth as the reason we rejoice at Christmastime.

My thoughts: My daughter was thrilled to get this book in the mail a while back! She loves Veggie Tales, so we have read this one just a few times.;) I love the message it has, how it is simplistic and easy for young ones to understand. The book is done in classic Veggie Tale fashion, so kids of all ages should love it. Since it is a board book, I think it is geared more towards babies and toddlers.
If you love to give books during Advent, this one would be a fun one to add to the pile!
I received this book from Worthy in exchange for my honest review.

Pursuing Gold

With his father dead and his business partner incapacitated, Peter Chandler inherits the leadership of a bank in economic crisis.

With only a newly-minted college degree and little experience, Peter joins his partner’s daughter, Mary Beth Roper, in a struggle to keep C&R Bank afloat while the Civil War rages around Chattanooga. Political pressure for unsecured loans of gold to the government stirs up trouble as tempers and prices rise. Their problems multiply when Mary Beth discovers counterfeit money with Peter’s forged signature. Can they find the forger before the bank fails? The two friends must pursue gold on behalf of their business, as they learn to pursue their heavenly Father to find hope and peace.

My thoughts: This story was so interesting! I loved the historical depth to it. While there is a lot of interesting historical details, the characters don't get lost in the story. I enjoyed getting to know them and seeing how their story intertwined. I find Civil war era history and stories fascinating, so I am thrilled to add this to my bookshelf.;) I had fun with this one and seeing how banking has changed over the years.
I received this book from Litfuse in exchange for my honest review.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

FIrst Words of Jesus

If we didn't need a cross, we wouldn't need a manger. This fresh, engaging look at the beginning of Jesus' life and ministry will change the way you comprehend Christ's early years. With unique, thought-provoking insights and commentaries from many of Christianity's leading theologians interspersed throughout, Epperson unwraps, layer by layer, a new understanding of the young boy who was the Son of Man.

My thoughts: This is an excellent book to read this season! I love how it is so much more than just another book to read about Christmas, since the author points our how we had the manger because we needed the cross. He was born to die for our sins. While people like or tolerate the image of Christ in the manger, they don't like to think about His dying for the sins of the world. I thought the parallels that he drew between the two were excellent and enjoyed this different twist. It is a great book for the holiday season without losing the focus of why Christ came. The first recorded words we have of His are that He was to be about His father's work, which is what this book is all about.
I received this book from Worthy in exchange for my honest review.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Primary Decision

Forces Conspire to Take the Worthington Family Down

Sarah Worthington never expected to become the US attorney general--at least not this early in her career. Plunged into the vicious vetting process, with all sides digging for secrets in her family closet, she steels herself for the path forward. Nothing will deter her from making her mark on the world in the biggest way possible--even if that means prosecuting the current president of the United States. Yet powerful forces conspire behind the scenes to take the Worthington family down, and the president orders her to close the investigation. Will she comply? Or turn the tables to pursue her ultimate dream--the US presidency?
This exciting conclusion to The Worthington Destiny series will have readers on the edge of their seats--just in time for the 2016 presidential race.

My thoughts: This was such a fun and interesting series that meshed fiction with Kevin Leman's studies on birth order. I loved reading this series, since it was filled with suspense and political intrigue. This one was the perfect one to read this past month, with the presidential election we just had.;)
If you enjoy reading suspenseful series that have a lot going on, then I highly recommend this one!
I received this book from Revell in exchange for my honest review.