Monday, April 15, 2019

Take ten: Rainy Day reads

Here are some of my favorite rainy day reads! Per usual, if you are interested in learning more about the book, click on the image to go to Amazon. This post contains affiliate links, so thank you for supporting my habit.;)

1. The Printed Letter Bookshop

Because rainy days and bookshops go together like pb and jelly.;)

2. The Secrets of Paper and Ink

Most of this is set in England, with another bookshop.

3. True to You

I'm not sure why this one hits me as a good choice. I really enjoyed the main character, with her quirky, bookish ways.

4. The Memory House

This one has a fair bit of rain in it, but is also a delightful story of two women working through heartbreak.

5. The Prayer Box

I think I really just like a good story set in multiple time periods for rainy days.;)

6. Five Days in Skye

Or, I like to read about traveling to unique places when stuck inside on a rainy day.

7. Close to You

Another great read to pick up if you are wanting to travel to New Zealand on a rainy day!

8. Engaged in Trouble

This is such a fun mystery to pick up and get your mind off the gloom! I love Jenny's humor.

9. In too Deep

If you are a mystery fan, I highly recommend picking this series up on a rainy day.

10. Mind Games

One of my favorite mysteries, though only pick this up if you don't mind being unable to sleep at night!

So, there is my list. What would you recommend?
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  1. Anything by Katherine Reay seems to fit today's category REALLY well. Not sure why, but I feel like her novels are ideal reads for the topic. Also, I cannot wait to read this new novel by her!

    1. I like to slip her stories in on most of my lists.;)
      I hope you get the chance to read it soon!

  2. Great choices, I don't think I know any of these but I love a good mystery book on a rainy day.

    1. I hope you get the chance to read the mysteries on my list then!

  3. These are unfamiliar to me, but by their cover, I think they could be great choices! My TTT

  4. Mind games does sound interesting.

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.

  5. I hadn't heard of any of these books. It's always interesting when that happens on a TTT post!

    1. It is fun to see the different books that pop up! Thanks for stopping by.

  6. I haven't read any of these, so I'm going to have to write them down for the next time I need a rainy day read.

  7. I could definitely see myself in a small, independent bookshop on a rainy day!