Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Finally His Bride

 Series: Bride Ships: New Voyages 1

Publisher: Sunrise Publishing
Release Date: February 13, 2024
Genre: Historical Romance

A new world. A new hope. An unexpected love.

What life awaits these brides?

With the cotton mills closed and hunger rampant in Manchester, England, Willow Rhodes’s family encourages her to join the bride ship bound for the Pacific Northwest, where she is assured of employment. Willow agrees to go with the hope that eventually she can save enough money for her family to join her.

Rebellious knuckle-boxing champion Caleb Edwards loves Willow more than life itself. But Willow has been adamant that she sees him as a friend and nothing more. Unable to watch her sail away, Caleb uses his prize money to pay for passage to Vancouver Island to be with Willow.

After arriving, Willow finds work as a maid and Caleb is a farmhand on the same property. As Caleb struggles to keep his feelings for Willow from growing, he’ll do anything for her, even take the blame for a theft to keep her safe. As the crime catches up to them, they’re forced to make choices that could finally rip them apart forever.

My thoughts: This is such a fun, historical read! I enjoyed getting to know Willow and Caleb, as their friendship grew and they both left for the new world and a better life. It was so sweet of Caleb to follow Willow, under the guise of protecting her! I loved reading their story and the themes that are woven throughout the romance. Both Caleb and Willow discover more about themselves as the new world reveals hidden truths about each of them. I especially appreciated how Willow grows as a character. I could relate to her reliance on others and lack of faith in herself. This is a delightful book to pick up and enjoy!

I received this book from JustRead. This is my honest review.

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