Monday, October 30, 2023

Voice of the Ancient


"A stunning coming-of-age tale."--MESU ANDREWS, Christy Award-winning author of Isaiah's Daughter

As the eldest son of a Levite and a Philistine, Avidan is torn between his duty to his family legacy and the desire for something more. After an enemy attack strikes close to home, he takes the opportunity to fight with his cousins for the newly crowned King Saul. But when one of the cousins goes missing during the battle, Avidan refuses to leave him behind.

Keziah is the daughter of one of the most powerful clan chiefs in the territory of Manasseh. On the brink of a forced marriage to a loathsome man decades older than her, she has no choice but to run, hoping to find sanctuary with her mother's family.

United during their journeys and battling to survive the dangers that surround them, Avidan and Keziah make a pact to travel together. As challenges pile up, they must not only rely on each other to stay alive but also learn to trust the true and eternal King of Israel to guide their every step.

My thoughts: We just went through the story of Saul and David in the adult Sunday School class at my church, so it was still fresh in my mind when I picked this book. I enjoyed the rich history that Connilynn Cossette has in her stories, and especially in this one. I can only imagine what it would have been like to live in the days of Samuel and Saul. So much tumult and change as the people decide they want a king to lead them. I look forward to seeing where this series goes! 

I received this book from Bethany House. This is my honest review. 

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  1. Sounds very intriguing. A new author for me too. Thanks for sharing your review.