Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Rekindling Hope


A birthday pushing forty? He couldn’t care less.

Dating for the first time at his age? Yeah, he’s taking notes.

Agent Quincy Adams, aka “Q,” is on a mission to educate himself about romantic relationships—and more specifically, the pretty art therapist who’s captured his heart. For now, her signature smile has outlasted his bumbling ineptitude.

Easy-going Hope Montgomery has been sweetly silencing her biological clock, but Christmas separations trigger alarm bells. Is she a patient saint or a hopeless coward?

In a humorous turn of events, struggling newlyweds disrupt Q’s assumptions about the world and inadvertently nudge him toward a second chance for a holiday romance. If you enjoy near kiss misses and light-hearted inspiration, you’re a click away from a two-for-one love story!

NOTE: Rekindling Hope can be read as a standalone, but it is a follow-up to the Seth Browne Novels. Think of it as a Christmas special episode. Some readers can jump right in mid-season; others will better appreciate the story's socially awkward hero by reading the preceding trilogy first.

My thoughts: I enjoyed this heart warming holiday story! While it is tied to a series, I didn't find that to keep me from enjoying the story! I thought that Agent Q was an interesting character and I liked that the story is told largely from his viewpoint. I always enjoy when there is more than one main character, so I loved that this book is not only about Q and his girlfriend, but also the Browne's and a special child. This is a sweet, well written story! I look forward to reading more books by the author.

I received this book from Just Read. This is my honest review. 
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