Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Why is That in the Bible?


What should we make of the Bible story about a talking donkey? What about the passage in Joshua where the sun and moon stood still? Should biblical practices like women wearing head coverings still be followed today? The Bible serves as the foundation for all of Christian life, crossing time and transcending cultures, yet many passages are perplexing.

Providing fascinating historical and scriptural insights, Eric J. Bargerhuff demystifies 40 Bible verses and stories. Ranging from strange accounts, such as bears mauling 42 boys (2 Kings 2), to hard-to-accept statements, such as Jesus saying we must hate our families to be his disciples (Luke 14), you will learn the context of each passage and how it applies to us today. This book will help you be more confident about interpreting all of God's Word accurately.

My thoughts: I enjoyed the wide variety of scripture verses that this book touches on! I have read a few like this, and enjoyed them, so it was good to pick up this one as well. I like that each chapter focuses on a verse or story in the Bible and then Barderhuff backs each one up with further Scripture, as well as his thoughts and those of other scholars. This book is easy to read through and perfect for a layperson.
I received this book from Bethany House. This is my honest review.

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