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A Promise to Break Review!

"Exceptionally well written, making it a consistently compelling read from beginning to end. “A Promise To Break" is one of those rare stories that will linger in the mind and memory of the reader long after the book itself has been finished and set back upon the shelf."
James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review and October Reviewer's Choice

A head-strong, wealthy banker’s daughter. A penniless hobo.
Sparks fly when they meet, but how will he fit into the world-changing socialistic dreams instilled by her father? Will their relationship survive the perils of the Great Depression, and the birth of an unwanted child?

Sibyl Trimble never expected her world to change so drastically. Waiting at the train station for her banker father in 1932, she witnesses a destitute hobo being beaten by a train conductor. The handsome young man’s clear blue eyes haunt her.

As a child, Sibyl promised to support a socialistic political movement to change the world. As an adult, she dresses in fashionable clothes, cruises in a new Chrysler, and dances at the local speakeasy. Even the Great Depression can’t dampen her comfortable lifestyle—until Fremont Pope, the muscular man with solemn blue eyes, turns her world upside down.

The more she gets to know Fremont, the more she learns about God and a purpose for life. He opens her eyes to a world she never imagined. Can she dare to break from her father’s beliefs and find godly love?

Inspired by true events, this novel follows Sibyl through some difficult choices. She must dig deep within herself to find the strength to face her upbringing and determine which, if any, of her past beliefs can be salvaged. She must decide which is more important, love or duty.

"I highly recommend this book." Mary Ruth Hatley Sadler, The Arts at 317, Shawnee, OK

My thoughts: I love that this book is based on Kathryn's family history, since that really helped to bring the story alive! Sibyl is a wonderful character who is easy to connect with. I enjoyed how she grew and changed through the course of the book upon meeting Fremont. A Promise to Break is an excellent historical read that makes it feel like you are in Oklahoma during the Depression! I recommend picking up this delightful story.
I received this book from Celebrate Lit. This is my honest review and is in no way influenced by receiving a complimentary copy.

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About the Author:
A Christian writer, Biblical counselor, teacher and speaker who offers insight, the author loves connecting to people individually and through retreats and conferences.
Kathryn’s mission is to teach that the passion of godly love knows no boundaries. Whether with prisoners, international students or those needing assistance, her platform strategy is the concept of personal, intimate encounters with Jesus. Her historical novel, “Up Town,” shows the importance of spiritual encounters with Jesus—small encounters that lead to a more mature spiritual life. Kathryn’s Biblical counseling and teaching background lends itself to this message.
She lived in South Korea for two years in her early twenties, spent time in an orphanage and adopted two Korean babies. A single mom for 18 years, she went from welfare to owner and CEO of a multimillion dollar corporation, Integrity Healthy Care. Her company took care of the medical needs of over 4,000 prisoners and during that time she counseled over 200 women.
Kathryn and her husband, Bill, hold Bible studies for international students attending the University of Central Oklahoma. They have had many different students live in their home and try to help students in all areas of their lives.
Kathryn is on the Mission Team at her home church, Henderson Hills Baptist Church, in Edmond, Oklahoma, where she has been a member for over 13 years. While attending her prior church, Country Estates Baptist Church in Midwest City, Oklahoma, she was on the Finance and Long Range Planning Committees, and taught DivorceCare and Financial classes. She is a Crown Money Map coach.
Bill and Kathryn have six children and nine grandchildren at the last count, including some adopted. Their family is internationally diverse. God’s love is enormous and includes all of us.

More from Kathryn
Nostalgic book
Have you ever wished to go back in time and question a relative who is no longer around? Ask what motivated her, discuss her greatest heartaches and how she overcame them, analyze her spiritual journey?
My grandmother’s life was full of upheavals and I wish I could have spent more time with her and studied her thought-processes. My mother did spend more time with her. With a clear mind of that time, Mom (and many others) enthusiastically shared memories and discussed the lessons the once wealthy Sibyl Trimble may have gathered in life.
What a trip it has been! Autobiographies. Publications. Notes in attic boxes containing information about secret love affairs and heart-breaking losses told with spiritual honesty. The more information I uncovered, the more I wanted to get to know Sibyl Trimble, the person. I wanted to know how God worked in her life. I wanted to write her story.
The nostalgic era of the 1930s came alive to me as I travelled to places of lively, boogie-woogie music, old handwritten documents, and tombstones. The amazing, booming town of Shawnee, Oklahoma, was the perfect setting for a Great Depression tale. Some people moved to California during that time. Others stayed in Shawnee. In contrast to “The Grapes of Wrath,” this book relates the experiences of some who remained during one of the worst times in U.S. history. They stayed and thrived.
This book is not a recount of simple facts but examines the essence of a brilliant woman who traversed through life, maneuvering the hardships along with the blessings. I uncovered anecdotes, read newspaper articles, and confirmed family lore that had been passed down through generations.
Many readers agree Sibyl could have been their grandmother, their heritage, and after reading this book series, they will know Sibyl almost as well as I do.
This story is an intimate look at a searching individual during the wistful days of a long-gone era. I expect, after you read “A Promise to Break,” you’ll agree that Sibyl Trimble’s story needed to be told.

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