Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Called to Forgive

While the murder of his wife devastated Anthony Thompson, he and three other relatives of victims chose to privately and publicly forgive the shooter. Years later, the church and community still struggle to understand the family members' deliberate choice to forgive the racist murderer. But as Charlestonians have witnessed these incredible acts of forgiveness, something significant has happened to the community--black and white leaders and residents have united, coming together peaceably and even showing acts of selfless love.

This book is the account of Anthony's wife's murder, the grief he experienced, and how and why he made the radical choice to forgive the killer. But beyond that, Anthony goes on to teach what forgiveness can and should look like in each of our lives--both personally, in our communities, and even in our nation. After much pain, reflection, and study, Thompson shares how true biblical love and mercy differ from the way these ideas are reflected in our culture.

Be inspired by this remarkable story and discover how the difficult decision to forgive can become the key to radical change.

My thoughts: This book is both heartbreaking, due to the reason behind it being written, and inspiring, due to the response to that tragedy. My heart broke as I read through the author's memories of that day, when he said goodbye to his wife, Myra, for the last time. I appreciated how Anthony draws inspiration from other people who have gone through unbelievable hardships and still embrace the message of forgiveness. This is wonderful book, filled with hope.
I received this book from Bethany House. All thoughts are my own.

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