Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Old Wives tales that have to do with gender predictions

One of my friends recently did this just before they went in to find out the gender of their twins. I thought it might be fun to do the same, since we are having the sonogram tomorrow to find out what the gender of our baby is.:D

1. How am I carrying (high: girl, low: boy)
When we last went in, I was told that I am carrying high, so that would be a point for the baby being a girl.:D

2. Where are you carrying? ( front like a basketball=boy, middle like a watermelon-girl)
The last couple of weeks, when it has become more noticeable, I would say more in the front, so a point for boy.

3. Cravings (salty and meat=boy, sweats and fruit=girl)
I should throw this out, since I am not having twins and yet crave salty foods and fruits. I can't stand the smell of red meat, especially when it is cooking, but I have craved ice cream, so this would count as another point for the baby being a girl.

4. Morning sickness (none=boy, a lot=girl)
I haven't had a lot, by most standards, but I have had a lot of nausea. I don't know who I would give that to.

5. Hands (rough=boy, soft=girl)
Soft, so girl.

6. Addition (add the month you conceived to your age. even=boy, odd=girl)

7. Attitude (same=boy, moodier=girl)

8. Momma's intuition

9. Daddy's intuition
Boy (so one of us will be right. lol)

10. Skin on face (normal=boy, more breakouts=girl)
Normal. Boy.

Total: 4 for a boy and 5 for a girl.


  1. I love old wives tales!!! A lot of times they are true.... I carried high, craved sweets, had terrible morning sickness and was soooo moody LOL. I cannot wait to find out what u guys are having!

  2. lol, I think it is funny that my answers were so split though! But, come to find out, we are having a girl after all.:D

  3. A girl!! Hurray! :)
    What is your due date? I knew you were pregnant by something you had said before but had forgotten if you mentioned your due date.
    I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well and the delivery too. Can't wait to hear what you're naming her too :)

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